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Numerise covers Year 6 to 11 maths and aligns with exam boards in England

Reassuring insights

Weekly emails and a bespoke dashboard provide evidence of your students' learning, progress and achievements.

Flexible learning

You and your learner can practise maths by browsing topics or following a course.

Video support

Each question has an explainer video so students can get support between tutoring sessions.

Why trust Numerise?

Numerise is built by the team behind award-winning HegartyMaths and Sparx Maths. Join the community of over 1.8 million learners and teachers.

How does it work?

Numerise identifies each student's strong and weak topics, helping you to personalise their learning.

How do I get involved?

See your students' progress with a weekly email and bespoke dashboard. You can keep an eye on their achievements, stronger and weaker topics, and more.

Numerise has been THE tool which has turned Theo’s maths confidence on its head, exchanging his maths 'self consciousness' in the classroom into an empowering, personal experience, in which he is now out-performing anyone's wildest expectations!

Dominic, parent

My daughter is able to learn new types of maths, supported by the excellent explanatory videos. She enjoys the learning goals, stats on her performance and the league table. She enjoys being able to learn more maths than she does at school!

Emma, parent

Other sites I have looked at, including the BBCBitesize, are less easy to navigate and do not have the progression in small steps accompanied by revision, quiz and daily challenge which encourages the student and builds confidence.

Barbara, parent

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Not all learners enjoy maths quite as much as we do, but we want to change that.

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  • Achievements
  • Competitions
  • Goals
  • Leaderboards
  • and more

to help your learners stay motivated and keep moving forward.

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