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You said, we did – March 2021


What have we been working on?

1. XP (experience points)

If we have any gamers in the Numerise community, XP won’t be a new concept. Everyone can now earn XP as they practise maths using Numerise – whether you’ve answered a question or smashed a lesson, you’ll pocket a few points and be a step closer to levelling up. 

Have you reached level two, yet? If not, see if you can get there in the next week and let us know! There’s lots more to come with XP so watch this space.

2. New question and answer flow

We have introduced a new way of answering questions that moves you seamlessly from one question to another – a lot less clicking and a lot more learning. Hopefully, this will help keep you focused and motivated until you reach the end of the unit.

3. Explore all topics

Following a course in a set order definitely doesn’t work for everyone and it’s not easy to remember the name of every single topic to search for it, so we have created Explore. Within the Explore page, you can see a list of every topic covered within your course broken down into key sections. So you can find a topic that you want to practise, even if you can’t remember what it’s called, or just use it as a lucky dip!

4. Even better search function

Our search function has been a hit so far but we wanted to make it even better so you can get to the nitty-gritty maths super quickly and not waste any time. So, you can now search for topics as well as lessons!

5. Quiz performance

We all know quizzes are a great way to test your memory. You told us that you want to know which questions you got right and wrong on the quiz – so that is exactly what we’ve built. At the end of a quiz, you can now get a breakdown of your performance.

6. Topic videos

And the last update for March – you can now get a sneak peek into what each topic is about and what method will be used by watching the short video available at the start.


What’s coming up?

We also thought we could give you a little tease of things we are working on at the moment. 

You might have heard about our previous Summer and Winter competitions. Well, it wouldn’t seem fair to leave Spring out! So keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels and check your inbox at the start of April to get involved.

The jump from Year 6 to Year 7 is looming so we are working hard to make sure we support learners as much as possible – with Numerise, they can hit the ground running in September.

The last exciting piece of work that we are working on is around identifying strengths and weaknesses… we aren’t going to say any more than that! 

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Keep it coming

As always, please do send us all of your feedback, suggestions and thoughts – no matter how whacky they may seem (we have probably thought up stranger ideas within the team!) Just email us at [email protected] or fill in this form and you might see a feature based on your feedback here next month!


“Numerise will be a whole year old soon – time really does fly! We’ve been working so hard to make Numerise a helpful website for learners and that’s meant lots of learning, testing and resetting along the way. The best bit (by a million miles) is talking to our learners and parents and seeing firsthand just how Numerise can help build confidence – that’s the whole reason we are here” – Mike Smith, Senior Product Owner at Numerise