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You said, we did – April 2021


What have we been working on?

1. Strengths and opportunities

One of our most requested features is now a reality – introducing our new Strengths and Opportunities page. Ever wondered what topics your child should be working on to make the best use of their time? With this new page, you can easily see which topics your child is smashing and the ones that could do with a little more work.

2. League table

Your child’s hard-earned XP will now score them a place on our League Table. The table updates every week so there is always a chance to climb higher and higher. Why not get them to answer a few questions today and see where they land?

3. Sums for Spring

Our first ever Spring competition launched – Sums for Spring. The four-week competition saw 12 winners receive an Amazon voucher (£20-£100) and a year-long subscription to Numerise – all for answering 30 questions correctly in one week. You can find out more here. If you didn’t manage to enter or win this time, fear not! We have plenty more competitions up our sleeve…

4. Secondary Ready

The jump from primary to secondary school isn’t always easy, so, we are bringing back our Secondary Ready course. It’s not just designed to build confidence in maths, but also fill any gaps in knowledge, make maths fun and ensure learners have a really solid foundation so they can hit the ground running when they join year 7. Discover more here.

What’s coming up?

We also thought we could give you a little tease of things we are working on at the moment. If you liked the sneak peek topic videos that we spoke about last month, you’ll be pleased to know that we are looking at ways to make these even better. Also, we know you’re working so hard at the moment so we plan to celebrate with you even more – really excited so share this update with you soon.

Keep it coming

As always, please do send us all of your feedback, suggestions and thoughts – no matter how whacky they may seem (we have probably thought up stranger ideas within the team!) Just email us at [email protected] or fill in this form and you might see a feature based on your feedback here next month!

“What a month! I absolutely love our competitions – we see loads of our learners working so hard, even in the holidays which is incredible (probably between munching on easter eggs and napping from a sugar coma). And the best thing is learners can use Daily Challenge and our new League Tables as motivators between our bigger competitions. Summer Maths Smash will be coming back…watch this space.” – Laura Hitt, Brand Manager at Numerise