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Get ahead in Year 7

Personalised maths + practice = progress We know that maths in Year 7 is a big step up, especially with so many new topics (what even is Pythagoras’ Theorem?) Personalised practice not only reinforces learners’ existing knowledge and skills, but it also builds their confidence to learn new things. Whatever your child’s level, Numerise chooses the right questions for them and with 10,000 explainer videos, there is no need for their learning to be interrupted (even with the disruption and changes to school this year).

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Personalised maths practice is a really great way to learn

Numerise is a unique maths experience: once you’ve joined, we learn what level of maths you’re at. Then we set personalised questions at just the right level to help you progress.


We’ve learnt that doing maths at the right level builds confidence

You’ll still get things wrong; that’s part of getting better! So you can try the same question multiple times if you need. And, if you get stuck, watch the simple explainer videos to nudge you in the right direction.


Easy to use to supercharge your learning quickly

Numerise is simple to pick up and that means you’ll be learning from the moment you log in.


Unlock personal features and stay motivated

We know that practice makes perfect so we have built in special features like goals, competitions and achievements that can be unlocked the more you use Numerise.


What you learn is relevant to school

You’ll recognise the topics you’ve been learning in school. We’ve also covered the maths of every exam board in England  so everything you’re learning will help with your exams.


We’ll make learning maths fun

We’ve got years of experience writing enjoyable maths questions and creating helpful videos – yes, even fractions can be fun!


We’re already helping 1.4 million students with their maths

We’ve learnt so much from bringing maths to so many people and it’s all gone into Numerise. We’re the same team behind HegartyMaths and Sparx Maths, which you might know from school.


Celebrate success as you go

With Numerise you set goals as you go and we want you to celebrate when you reach them! If you’re a parent, you also get a weekly update so you can share that success.

Everyone’s better at things they enjoy