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Keep your maths on top form through December


So many things get in the way of learning throughout December – darker evenings lead to less motivation, Christmas shopping, festive activities and this year we even have the uncertainty of lockdown changes to contend with.

So, here are 10 handy tips to keep you or your child focused this December so they can jump straight back in when they go back to school in January (because let’s be honest, it will fly by won’t it?)

1. Keep your expectations realistic and sustainable – as much as we’d love to aim for three hours of maths practice per day, it just isn’t going to happen. We’ve found little and often works best – why not aim for 10 minutes per day?

2. Choose a space to work – try and keep a small spot in the house clear and free from distractions. We love a twinkly decoration as much as you do, but having a space dedicated to studying will really help focus – even if it is a corner of a bedroom.

3. Consistency is key – all sorts of routines seem to go out the window during December so why not try to stay on track by setting a study time reminder on your phone? Choose a time slot that generally works well for you and try and stick to it – is 4pm best for you, or are you more motivated as soon as you wake up?

4. Make maths fun – we will shout it from the rooftops until we have no voice. Maths can be fun! See if you can find practical applications of maths to try out – cutting the right size square of wrapping paper for a present or weighing out ingredients to make the BEST Yorkshire puddings for Christmas Day.

5. Don’t forget to sleep – with so much excitement, sleep can go down the list of priorities. But keeping a sleep routine and sensible bedtime so everyone is refreshed when they wake up will really help. Maths when you’re dozing off at 11am – no thank you. 

6. Think about food – Chocolate selection boxes, biscuit tins, turkish delight, Christmas pudding – we could go on. Delicious? Absolutely. Brain-powering? Not so much. Try and keep a balanced diet between all of the treats. Take a look at our brain-boosting snacks for a little inspiration. 

7. Play board games – you’d be surprised how much maths they include! Chess, Qwirkle or even managing money in Monopoly (if you can stick the whole game that is!)

8. Set yourself a goal – what is it that you’d like to achieve before you go back to school? Do you want to complete five lessons on Numerise, a couple of science worksheets, read a new book – whatever it is, promise yourself you’ll achieve it now and we know you can do it!

9. Working hard = reward – every piece of work that you complete in December is amazing. Treat yourself to a hot chocolate, a (socially distanced) walk or a Christmas sing song after completing a good chunk of work.

10. Take a break – and no, we don’t mean just have a KitKat. Just remember that it is just as important for our brains to rest as it is for our bodies over the Christmas period.

We hope you have a fantastic festive period and look forward to seeing you in 2021!