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Ace maths this year

Want your child to be ready for Secondary Education? Numerise gives every child personalised maths helping to build their confidence so they make amazing progress.

NCERT class VI-VIII and Cambridge IGCSE courses available with help videos, quizzes, challenges and more – all FREE during the pilot.

We’d love to know what you think – this is a pilot version of the product so sign up and have a look around.


Why choose Numerise?

  • Easy way to practise class VI-VIII and IGCSE maths at home
  • Explainer videos for every type of question (over 10,000 in total!)
  • Personalised questions to suit every individual learner
  • Learners master tricky topics without even realising
  • Daily challenges, badges and goals keep things interesting
  • Weekly emails and a unique dashboard make sure parents are up to speed
  • Designed by a Global Teacher of the Year finalist


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