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How can I make the most of Numerise?


Where should I work?

If you can, try and find a quiet space to work that is free from distractions (easier said than done, we know!) This could be a corner of your house, a public library or an empty classroom – it doesn’t matter where it is, as long as you can focus on your work and have space to write down your workings. If you have access to a desk or table to work at, even better. But don’t worry if not.

Why do I need to write down my workings?

We know it might seem strange to write down your workings and answers when you’re doing your maths online, but there are a lot of benefits:

  1. It helps you remember things better.
  2. It helps you answer harder questions or ones with lots of different steps, where you might need to do some working out.
  3. You are less likely to make mistakes, and when you do make them, it will help you to understand where you went wrong, because you can trace back your steps.
  4. It improves your mathematical communication skills.
  5. It helps you feel more confident and prepared for written exams (if you are taking any).

If you are not sure what you should be writing down, watch the help video (there’s a button underneath every question) to see an example.

What do I need?

You will need a pen, paper, pencil, ruler and calculator for Numerise. Sometimes, you might need more fancy equipment, such as a compass, protractor, squared paper or tracing paper, it will depend on each topic, but it’s good to try and have as many on hand as you can.

How often should I use Numerise?

The way you use Numerise will depend on you and how you hope to learn. However, here is an example that you might find helpful as a guide.

  • If you are a GCSE student who wants to take the GCSE course over a two-year period, you would be aiming for at least one lesson a week. For most students this would be up to two hours of work.

Something we really recommend is setting yourself a routine to help you stay on track. Why not try 10 minutes every day?

To keep track of how much you use Numerise, head to the My activity page where you can see how many questions and lessons you have completed week on week. You can also set yourself a weekly target using the My goals page.

Why do I need to do lesson quizzes?

As you work through your course, you’ll be encouraged to complete Lesson quizzes. These test your knowledge and make sure that you are right up to speed, so they’re really good at helping you see where you’re doing great, and where you need to improve.

In these Lesson quizzes, you might notice that you are asked all the questions in one go before you can put in any answers, and that the help videos are not available. We didn’t forget to put these in, we’re just giving you a little push to show you what you can do on your own!

Let us explain…

  1. Answering questions without help from the videos is a good way to learn and gives confidence in your own understanding of the topic. It’s also great practice for any exams you may be taking where you definitely won’t have access to videos!
  2. By entering all your answers at the end of the quiz, you can focus on answering the questions and practice writing down your workings and answers as you go along (although we recommend you do this for all questions in Numerise).

If you have a question, please get in touch.

We hope you enjoy learning with Numerise!