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Make the leap from primary school to secondary school easier with Secondary Ready, the online maths course


Secondary Ready is an online maths course for Year 6 pupils. It makes the transition from primary school to secondary school easier by building children’s confidence and maths skills. And it works. Last summer more than 14,000 children chose to sharpen up their maths skills with Secondary Ready.

Catch-up with learning and confidence

Teachers, parents and pupils across the UK have been doing an amazing job of homeschooling and online learning. If there was an exam in resilience, they certainly would have aced it! 

Understandably, however, there were some wobbles along the way. In our survey of mums and female carers, 40% said their child has low maths confidence. Meanwhile, 37% worry that their child won’t be able to catch-up on the maths they missed during lockdown.

If your child is struggling with their maths skills or confidence, Secondary Ready can help. By practising and revising their primary school maths, children can build up their confidence. By the end of the course, they will understand all the concepts they need to thrive at secondary school maths. 

Secondary Ready prepares Year 6 children for secondary school maths

Secondary Ready will:

  • Plug any gaps in your child’s primary maths knowledge
  • Build maths confidence through practice
  • Make maths fun, interesting and stimulating with practice questions, videos, challenges and points to score
  • Make Year 6 children feel ready and prepared for Year 7 maths and beyond
  • Create the habit of spending a little time on maths each week, making the introduction of secondary school homework easier to manage.

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How it works

The online course is designed by former teachers, mathematicians and scientists. It works like a maths tutor that your child can turn to for maths support at a time and pace that suits them. 

Helpful videos and information guide children through each topic so they can grasp the concepts and reach the answers without parental supervision. The questions are tailored to your child’s level, so they will never be thrown in at the deep end. There are tonnes of how-to videos to help if they get stuck.

You can do the course on any device: mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. 

When you complete the course, each child receives a certificate.

What’s covered by the Secondary Ready course

The online course covers key primary maths topics from the English primary school curriculum. This allows children to build strong foundations in their maths knowledge before developing them further at secondary school. 

There are 12 lessons, and each one is about an hour long. The course covers:

  • Decimals
  • Adding and subtracting
  • Multiplying and dividing
  • Area and perimeter
  • Rounding
  • Negative numbers
  • The order of operations
  • Statistics
  • Fractions and adding fractions.

Give it a go with a free trial

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