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Score in maths this year

New kid on the block, Numerise, is designed to help learners (age 10-16) practice maths more easily so that they can confidently make progress through tricky topics, while parents and carers can log in to to see exactly how their learner is progressing.

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What is Numerise?

Numerise breaks down each topic into easy-to-follow practice questions. And, there are over 10,000 videos to help learners if they get stuck. Even the toughest topics get explained simply and clearly and as Numerise is personalised, every learner is working at a level that’s right for them.

There are already more than 30,000 people signed up to Numerise, which has been designed and built by the best maths teachers behind Sparx Maths and HegartyMaths.

And, there are loads more free resources to help build your learner’s maths confidence – from downloadable affirmations to parenting tips and tricks. It’s all here.

We are delighted to be partnering with Exeter City Football Club and are offering a year’s free subscription to academy players.


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