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Your guide to ratios, fractions and significant figures

Our survey of mums and female carers revealed the five maths topics that are most likely to cause adults anxiety:

  1. Quadratic equations
  2. Ratios
  3. Long division
  4. Fractions
  5. Percentages

But grown-ups, do not panic! We’ve selected a host of useful videos and resources from Numerise to help you get to grips with these topics. There’s everything you need to help find a percentage, work out a ratio, and convert a fraction to a decimal.

Let’s get started and build confidence with practice.

If you need help brushing up on your knowledge of ratios, then we’ve got just the thing.

Take me to ratios


Find out everything you need to know about fractions, decimals and percentages.

Show me fractions


Struggling to remember exactly what a significant figure is? Numerise can help!

SIGNIFICant figures