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Why is confidence so important?

Self-confidence is crucial for every aspect of our wellbeing, as children and as adults. Whether it’s about solving a maths problem or overcoming the challenges of everyday life, self-confidence fosters perseverance and success.

Find out why our Numerise ambassadors feel that being confident helps them.


Video transcript

Numerise Learner

Having confidence in yourself and, and how you do like how you act and stuff is a really important thing for your mental health. And you can’t just go around hating yourself, you need to love yourself no matter what.

Numerise Parent

Being self-confident allows the children to know when they’re being challenged, to know how to accomplish trickier things, because they know they’re going to have to double down on the effort and expand on their experiences.

Numerise Learner

Confidence is a good thing, because it will help you understand more and focus, because without it, you would just be like scared about doing and trying new things.

Parent of a Numerise Learner

If you’re confident you’re willing to approach anything. And I think that’s really important to Cameron so I think it will make him endeavour to do things that he may not have been able to do if he wasn’t very confident.

Numerise Learner

It’s important to have self-confidence so that you can believe in yourself when you’re doing maths, because I think sometimes when I’m having like an off day, I don’t really believe in myself. But then when I do, I complete it really easily.

Numerise Learner

Being self-confident can help you learn because if you feel confident you feel that you can do most things. And if you’re not confident you’ll get a lot of things wrong. But being confident is good, because then you persevere.

Parent of a Numerise Learner

The world is full of challenges. The moment you step out of the house, there is a challenge. If the person is not confident, then you know the doors are shut and you know the child is not able to to deal with the trivial issues.

Parent of a Numerise Learner

I believe that self confidence has a huge amount on the way that your child learns, and just, just from my own experience with my own children that kind of they’ve been apprehensive or kind of doubtful about subjects they that they don’t do well in or don’t feel that they do well in and purely when it’s looked up further it’s just down to their confidence and actually they are doing well.

Numerise Learner

We make choices. Every day we have challenges every day. And even if the answer is wrong or even if you like other people don’t agree with it you should keep going, keep trying and just be confident with like confidence in yourself.