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You can do it: practical advice to improve self-esteem in children and teenagers

There are some brilliant free resources designed to help children with low confidence and self-esteem or anxiety. Check out these websites, which are packed with information and practical advice to help parents, carers and young people improve their confidence.  

Motivating teenagers

This BBC Bitesize video shows teenagers how to keep motivated and believe in yourself, especially while making important decisions about the future. Parents and carers might find this article on five ways to motivate your teen to study at home useful.  

Confidence tips from Childline

Childline offers practical advice and useful tips to help children and teenagers build confidence and self-esteem. Alongside general confidence-boosting tips, there’s support to help children take part in sports teams, cope with break-ups and feel better after being bullied.  

Improving self-worth and optimism

Hands-on Scotland offers advice and activities about confidence to help children and teenagers. Find out how to help them improve their self-worth, optimism and self-belief, and take responsibility for their actions. 

Lessons in self-confidence

LifeSkills created with Barclays inspires young people to get the skills they need for a better future.  

Try their selfconfidence lesson for 11- to 16-year-olds. It’s designed to show how successfully solving a problem or meeting a challenge can increase your selfconfidence. There’s also an adapted version for young people with special educational needs and disabilities. 

LifeSkills also have a lesson to help 16– to 19-year-olds build confidence and assertiveness.  

A-Z guide for parents

Young Minds is a charity fighting for children and young people’s mental health. Their A-Z guide for parents supports adults to help children with mental health conditions, including anxiety and low self-esteem.  

Confidence and self-esteem – tips for young people

The charity Mind provides information for young people about what confidence and self-esteem are, what affects them and how to feel better about yourself.