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Maths on Toast

Maths on Toast, the family maths charity, wants everyone to feel positive about maths and to feel it is something they can do, and enjoy.

Confidence in maths first starts with being comfortable with exploring maths and recognising that maths is part of our everyday lives.

Providing the opportunity to engage with maths in fun, hands-on, creative and accessible ways, Maths on Toast help create positive experiences of maths and a can-do attitude.

Maths on Toast aims to inspire families with children between 4 and 12 years of age but the concept of creatively exploring maths can be used at all ages.

Follow this link to find:

  • Hands-on, creative maths activities to explore as a family
  • Advice on building confidence in maths
  • How to develop a positive mindset to overcome challenges in maths.