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How do mums really feel about maths?

We asked 2,000 mums and female carers how they feel about maths. The results are striking. 

Infographic displaying the results from Numerise's survey of 2000 mums and female carers

This initial research focused on women’s attitudes to maths and confidence. That’s because research shows that 70% of the time, it’s a mother or female carer who supports a child’s home learning. 

Two-thirds of mums say they lack confidence in maths. They are concerned about their ability to help their own children with maths learning at home 

  • 1/3 of mums and female carers do not enjoy helping their children with maths homework
  • 1/3 dread doing maths in everyday life
  • 1/3 have always loved maths
  • 2/3 would like to be more confident in maths

Low maths confidence leaves a third of mums dreading doing maths in their own lives. A quarter pretend to know more about maths than they really do.  

Forty per cent reported that their child also suffers from low maths confidence. We found that a third of children express anxiety about maths to their parents.  

  • 93% of mums and female carers say it’s important for their child to feel confident in maths
  • 40% say their child has low maths confidence
  • 30% say their child often expresses anxiety about maths
  • 37% worry that their child won’t be able to catch-up on the maths they missed during lockdown
  • 40% feel bad that they cannot help their child with maths confidence.