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Angellica Bell on confidence, being mischievous and how to tackle challenges

TV presenter Angellica Bell has done live recordings in front of millions of people – but says she hasn’t always found it easy to be confident.

“I bumped into one of my old teachers a couple of weeks ago. She was like, ‘you were quite mischievous, weren’t you?’,” said the ex-CBBC presenter and mum of two.

I think I was quite mischievous because I lacked a bit of confidence. I thought, ‘oh, I can’t do this so I’m going to mess around a bit. I had this silly thing about me, that I would say if I didn’t try, then it didn’t matter.”

She admits that she didn’t ask questions in class for fear of being made to feel silly or embarrassed.

“When I was young, I grew to love maths – it didn’t come naturally to me at first and I ended up needing extra help for a short period of time,” she said.

“That was a real turning point for me, and those sorts of memories can inspire you later in life. They show you can overcome challenges.”

Today Angellica describes herself as a confident person – most of the time.

“Generally speaking, I am quite confident. But like everybody, there’s moments where you feel – ‘I can’t do this, I can’t do that.’

“But it takes time, and I think people need to not beat themselves up about it.”

If you’re lacking in confidence, Angellica’s advice is to talk to other people about how you’re feeling – especially people who inspire you in your life.

“It is so important as a parent to feel confident about maths. That doesn’t mean you need to know all the answers all the time, it’s about showing your children that difficult things can be overcome with practice and patience,” she said.

Angellica looks back on her achievement of winning Celebrity Masterchef as a great example of overcoming fear.

“I said no twice. You know, I was a bit nervous. I lacked a bit of confidence, even though I like food and I like cooking.

“And then I did it, and I thought: OK, if I’m going to do this, I’ve got to give it 100%. And then I won! I can’t believe it still. It’s one of the greatest things I’ve done in my life.

“I always think, the end result is always much more powerful and satisfying when you doubt yourself in the first instance or you don’t think you can do it.

“It’s easy to feel happy if you know you’re good at something. But if you take on a challenge and think: ‘OK, I’m going to beat this, this is not going to get the better of me’ – it feels amazing, in the end.”